June 1, 2018


Much of psychometric testing in Australia is almost franchised.  Consultants working in the area typically offer a product for which they have been accredited and then only use that product.  This is referring to a consultant who is a “Myers-Brigg” or a “SHL” or a “Disc” person, or whatever – the list of this approach to psychometric testing in Australia is long.

As an example, I received an email from a multi-national test supplier recently (27.4.18) offering a two-day (plus 4 to 5 hours of prior e-learning) Accreditation Courses for $2350 (excl. GST).  After that you are then accredited to use their products, which you have to pay for of course.  Aside from the self-evident lack of expertise in psychometric testing this approach offers, it would be interesting to know how many people fail the course.  It’s in the interest of the testing company to give their accreditation to as many people as possible because they become their customers.

This isn’t a rigorous approach to the science of psychometric testing.  It begs the question just how much about the administration and interpretation of psychometric testing do such consultants possess.  They may know one range of products well and repeat the lines from a manual, but do they truly understand the strengths and weaknesses of psychometric testing and how to really understand and interpret the results.  From my experience there is a propensity to over-interpret the results and view what is written under a particular title or sub-heading in black and white terms.

Even a registered psychologist with a minimum of six years training has to do the same two-day course as someone who has never studied any psychology and at the end of the two days, and $2350, they both have the same accreditation.

Fortunately, if you are a registered psychologist there are other test suppliers who will only supply tests to people with the appropriate training and skill level.  This approach gives psychologists access to a much wider range of products and tests without being tied to any particular provider.

Thus, do some due diligence when choosing a consultant to provide you with psychometric testing.