Learning & Development

In 2014 “The Centre for Workplace Leadership”, at the University of Melbourne, identified 3 High Performance Work Practises that increased profits, improved quality of products and services, increased workforce productivity, innovation and customer service:

  • Improving employees’ knowledge, skills and abilities,
  • Motivating employees to perform,
  • Provide employees with the opportunity to contribute to how their work is done.

In 2003 the Graduate Program in Business and Technology at UNSW released a paper titled, “Simply the Best: Workplaces in Australia”.  The study was undertaken in 2001 with the support of the Business Council of Australia to identify the leading workplaces, the exemplars of productivity, in Australia.  They identified 15 key drivers for excellence, with “quality working relationships” as the foundation on which excellent workplaces are founded; underpinned by key variables such as good workplace leadership, clear values, having a say and ongoing learning & development opportunities.

These findings can be replicated in any workplace through ongoing learning & development.

Fermion does not use off-the-shelf training programs, but instead we have developed our own modules and programs based on the latest research and evidence.   We offer contemporary evidence-based learning & development free from the latest fad, corporate jargon and buzzwords in the following areas:

  • Leadership, Management & Power
  • Recruitment
  • Change Management
  • Excellence in the Workplace
  • Personality in the Workplace
  • Intelligence in the Workplace
  • Counter-Productive Workplace Behaviours
  • Accelerated Learning & Training
  • Preparation for Presentations & Interviews
  • Change & Self-Improvement
  • Innovation & Creativity
  • Teams, Meetings & Communication
  • Biases & Hard-Wired Behaviours
  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Performance Reviews & Incentives
  • Sales & Customer Service

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