Psychometric Testing

Fermion offers high-quality online psychometric testing services across Australia using reputable assessment tools.  Fermion’s online psychometric testing service allows you to:

  • Compare candidates’ mental aptitude and cognitive abilities
  • Predict candidates’ ability to learn quickly and think on abstract and conceptual levels
  • Predict candidates’ performance on a wide variety of job tasks
  • Determine whether candidates have the right personality fit for a position

The introduction of psychometric testing, whether it is general intelligence, aptitude, or personality profiling, will give a richer and more complex description of each candidate and significantly improve recruitment decisions. Psychometric testing helps hiring managers select candidates based not only on their skills and experience, but also on their cultural fit and potential for growth.  It allows you to accurately predict training performance and on-the-job learning.

One of the goals of the recruitment process is to obtain an accurate description of each candidate in order to make a prediction about how well they will perform in the role.

However, collecting data to make that judgement can be complicated. The candidate puts their best foot forward, both in their interview and their resume, and the interviewer has their own biases and values. All these factors impact on objective decision making. Whilst both parties are usually acting in good faith, research consistently shows that the more traditional interview-based recruitment process is not the best way to predict future performance.

It is important that psychometric tests are administered and interpreted correctly. Testing is more than emailing an anonymous link to a candidate and then having the results emailed to the hiring manager.

At Fermion we are not tied to any particular test provider, instead source the best available psychometric tests that are based on the latest research.  Currently, Fermion recommends the Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test and the NEO-PI-3 for measuring intelligence and personality.  This is an excellent battery of tests that will help you make better hiring decisions.

Fermion’s approach is practical, data-driven, and grounded in the latest and best practices of organisational psychology. We have developed a methodology that delivers superior results. From contacting all candidates before the testing, which no other testing company does, to the nature of the verbal and written instructions, and the context-dependent interpretation with the client, that is, weighing up all the other available data about the candidate.  Interpretation is everything.

If you are tired of hiring the wrong person and you want to improve your recruitment decisions, then consider incorporating psychometric testing into your recruitment process.

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