Is intelligence testing necessary in the recruitment process?

September 25, 2017

Is intelligence testing necessary in the recruitment process?


Professor L. Gottfredson, Co-Director of the Delaware-John Hopkins Project for the Study of Intelligence and Society wrote the following:

“Intelligence as measured by IQ tests is the single most effective predictor known of individual performance at school and on the job.”

“Intelligence is especially important in just the kinds of behaviours that people usually associate with ‘smarts’: reasoning, problem solving, abstract thinking and quick learning.”

“General mental ability predicts job performance, and in more complex jobs it does so better than any other single personal trait, including education and experience.”

“Occupations differ considerably in the complexity of their demands, and as that complexity rises, higher intelligence levels become a bigger asset and lower levels a bigger handicap.”

Capricia Marshall was Barack Obama’s Chief of Protocol and the public face of the White House.  When Capricia was asked what her key management advice would be, her response, as reported in Monocle, October 2012, was, “Hire extraordinary, dedicated people…smart individuals with a work ethic that matches your own“.

Thus, if you want to dramatically improve the intellectual capital of your workforce and from that gain a significant edge over your competitors, then start measuring intelligence as part of your recruitment process.

Whilst this seems self-evident, measuring these traits and behaviours objectively can be difficult, however, the use of properly administered and interpreted psychometric tests can successfully measure and describe these traits and behaviours.

Fermion has the experience and expertise to do this for you.  It is important that the testing be administered correctly, which means, supervised testing and not online at home.

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