Recruitment and Training for Small Business

October 9, 2017

Small business recruitment can be a challenge given the need for them to be experts in many areas.  Many SMEs do not have access to a department or team dedicated to recruitment and often make detrimental recruitment decisions that can have a dramatic impact on the success of the business.

An example of this is the founder of Redballoon, Naomi Simson, who was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald discussing her staffing problems.  Naomi said: “I had some absolute catastrophes when it came to people…the staff member often started work late, and chose not to deal with certain customers”.

In the same article, Gen George of Oneshift, shared a similar experience and reported the following: “Not knowing what we actually needed from a skillset point of view…not realising you’ve got to get the culture right…having a bunch of stray cats running in all sorts of different directions isn’t a good way to run things”.

However, there are ways to do small business recruitment that are highly effective and do not have to cost too much. There are many areas within the recruitment process where an innovative and creative attitude can be applied with the outcome being better recruitment decisions.  The following areas can all benefit from an innovative and creative approach:

  • How do candidates respond to the advertisement,
  • Who screens the candidates and how,
  • What are the first tasks candidates need to do,
  • Do you use psychometric tests and when,
  • When to interview and who is on the panel,
  • What questions do you ask a referee,
  • How to analyse all the information,
  • How to mange the induction phase,
  • How to provide ongoing staff training and development.

All of these areas can be covered in a unique recruitment strategy for your business or organisation.

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