Psychometric Testing and Personality Profiles.

December 4, 2017

Personality profiles are widely used for recruitment and staff selection decisions.  What is the best one to use and what is the science say about them?

Scientific American, Mind (July / August, 2013) reported the following:

The goal of a recruiter—whether a human resources professional or a line manager—is to find the person who best fits the requirements and culture of a given role or job.

Typically, a re­cruiter crafts an advertisement for the position, posts it to the company website and some job boards, collects applications (résumés, cover letters and references), then selects suitable can­didates for interview.

This process is rather flawed, as it ignores some of the core findings of industrial and organisational psychology on how to best screen candidates. Take IQ, for example. IQ has been shown to be the most consistent predictor of performance across a va­riety of jobs because it indicates a candidate’s ability to learn and thus reflects how quickly a person can be trained.

Another powerful predictor of career success; the person­ality test, has gained a somewhat stronger foothold in employ­ee selection. Hundreds of independent research studies have demonstrated that these tests are better indicators of future ca­reer success than letters of recommendation, interviews and educational credentials.

The personality profiles that have been shown to forecast per­formance are based on the “five-factor model,” a well-support­ed and thoroughly researched framework for understanding how our personalities differ.  According to it, we can be analysed along five continuous, non-overlapping dimensions: open­ness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and emo­tional stability. Conscientiousness and, to a lesser extent, high emotional stability are the most consistent predictors of suc­cess across jobs and criteria. (Although the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the best-known personality test, very few peer-re­viewed studies have demonstrated that its results accurately predict a job candidate’s performance.)

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