Psychometric Testing: Qualifications and Expertise

May 26, 2022


Do you know the qualifications and expertise of the consultants you engage to conduct your psychometric testing?

If you are paying for a consultant to provide psychometric testing services it would be more than reasonable to assume that the person or business offering the service is suitably qualified, experienced and accountable.  In human resources there is a wide range  of experience and qualifications amongst the consultants in the field.

As an example, to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs range of profiles all one needs to do is pay and do a four day accreditation course.  No other experience or qualifications needed.  This process applies to many psychometric products, including many of the more reputable test suppliers.

Once someone is accredited to use a particular product they typically become adherents to that product and thus do not see the limitations of that product nor the strengths of other products.

The highest human resources related professional qualification in Australia is to be a Registered Psychologist.  Not only does this give you the correct training in the use of all psychometric instruments, but it also allows access to a wider range of tools and tests.

Furthermore, Psychologists have to undertake ongoing professional development and work under government legislation and are accountable to the Psychology Board of Australia.  This level of training and accountability is unmatched with other human resources practitioners, especially ones who only have accreditation to one particular product.

Thus, conduct  due diligence on the consultants you engage to administer and interpret your psychometric tests.